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Rekha saloon and academy provides the best services in Rajasthan. We serve a complete and furnished ladies' top facial parlor salon in Jaipur. Our salon provides maximum comfort and privacy to women. It's not normally a salon, although it is a hub of beauty. We have a variety of services. From being an expert in hair to whole-body treatment. We never compromise with your skin, so we use qualitative products to avoid any kind of allergies or reactions.

Top Facial Parlor Salon in Jaipur | Types of Facials | Bridal Makeup

Girls wish to be the most beautiful, makeup enhances their beauty. Makeup gives an ultimate shine to girls. Girls always want to look stunning and confident on any occasion, especially on their wedding day. Rekha's Salon is Top Facial Parlor Salon in Jaipur. We guide you with some best bridal makeup advice.

Rekha' s Salon Services

We have a variety of services on beauty
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Skin Treatment
  • Body Treatment & spa
  • Pedicure & Manicure
  • Hair Spa
  • Eye Makeup
  • Nail Art And Mehndi
  • Hair Styling
  • Salon Services
  • Facials

Facial is important to maintain the natural glow of your skin and hydration on your face. Oil on the skin for a long time can prevent water loss.

Fruit facial

Fruit Facial has concentrates of fruits that provide deep cleansing. It is good for the skin tone along with this it sustains the skin glow and shine. Dark spots, pimple spots are reduced by using fruit facial. Our facial experts use the best product as per your face and skin.

Aloe vera facial

Aloe vera facial can treat various skin conditions including sunburn, skin wounds, minor burns, etc. It gives a natural glow to the skin.

Whitening facial

It improves skin radiance, provides deep cleansing and detoxification along with intensive hydration. It aims to provide clarity, skin tone, and brightness.

Vitamin E facial

Vitamin E facial benefits to your skin health and appearance. It improves inflammation and makes your skin look younger. It fades the dark spots. According to your skin, our experts suggest the products which are beneficial for your face glow.

Bridal Makeup

A wedding day is the most precious and special day for a girl. That day she wants to look most beautiful girl. From the Haldi function to reception she wants all the attention and a shine on her face. When we do bridal makeup, we look over every smallest thing. From choosing the right lipsticks, waterproof products, to the best artist we offer comfortable makeup. For Bridal Makeup, you need a great facial and if you want to look gorgeous then visit rekha's salon Top Facial Parlor Salon in Jaipur.

Skin treatment

At present pollution is at an extent level, and due to the hectic schedule, no one has time to take care of the skin. But we care for your skin and provide you with the best skin care treatment to keep your skin glowing. You can look young even at old age.


When it's about looking beautiful, hairstyle is the most attractive thing someone notices. Hair wigs, hair expansion, hair accessories and, facial hairs we work with the standards. Your appearance depends on your hairstyle if it's good it will provide you with an attractive at the best hairstyling salon in Jaipur.


Makeup is an art, and the artist works as per you. For makeup, we look over the texture, skin, shading, and tone. A perfect makeup artist changes the whole appearance of a person. Rekha's Salon Top Facial Parlor Salon in Jaipur also offers special, training and sessions for better learning.